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Protective Homes:
Accredited by Government of Maharastra (India),
Women and Child Development Board, Mumbai,
Government Resolution No: MISC 2002/ P.K.197 /K3
DATED 22.7.02.
And Order of Commissioner of Women and Child Development Board,
No: CWCD/Recognition/ Maiti Nepal/02-2003/K-6/471-Dated 19.8.2002.
ISO 9001:2000
Trust Reg: F-22131 (Mumbai).

FCRA Reg: 083780797.

We are non-profit, government recognized and registered NGO working for rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation of victims for human trafficking from different parts of India, Nepal & Bangladesh and sold for forced prostitution. Over a period of last eight years, we have achieved the organizational capabilities and experience to fulfill our duties to this most neglected segment of our society.

We ensure that women's human rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

Our History:

Mr.Balkrishna AharyaFrom childhood the nature of Our Founder President late Mr.Balkrishna Acharya was revolutionary & he always attempted to struggle against unjust & anti-social situation. That is the reason that he left his studies and jumped into Indian Army which Would serve his country even at a danger to his life. Then, later, he came across the humble faces of Unfortunate girls who were going through hell in the red light district of Kamatipura in Mumbai and risked his life to rescue them.In 1995, a Nepali small girl was crying pathetically in a dark room, wanting to be rescued from the inhuman trade of forced prostitution. That night he could not sleep. On the next day, also he lost his sleep. A person who was stronger than stone, appeared even more delicate than cotton. He was totally shaken. On one side he was surrounded by family, business and society while on the other side a deep rooted desire for changing the fate of these unfortunate girls to kindle hope of integrating with respectable society. He courageously decided to walk on a novena path From that day onwards, a distinct change came over him. It looked as if he started a part time honorary job in the red light area of Mumbai.

In the evening, when he used to down the shutter of the shop early and move to the red light area of Kamatipura early in the night, it was a matter of frightful surprise to all. He was counselling one girl who wanted to be rescued. God wished him to rescue five girls. And at the time of rescue, 13 girls came forward. It was like a God-sent Father had come to rescue them and give them a new life. That particular day also his eyes were wet but they were wet by tears of joy.

Slowly, he distanced himself from the family and started getting involved in the perils of red light areas. The possessiveness of the family and their concem about his safety were many a times instrumental in their try to persuade him not to get involved in such dangerous activities. But he was engrossed in his will to serve the mankind by rescuing these unfortunate humans. He transformed himself into a savior of the underprivileged. On one hand, the heart breaking cries of these thousands of girls and on the other hand, the lack of finance made him pursue his resolution ever so strongly. Luckily he got the support From nepal. This was the beginning in an organized way. For the first time in India, police were persuaded by an NGO to carry out rescue operation. He then realized that he can achieve better results by organising the rescue operations under an official, govemment recognized NGO. Thus he started Rescue Foundation in 2000.

Unfrotunately He passed away in a car accident in 2005.

Our President Mrs.Triveni Balkrishna Acharya:

Mrs.Triveni Balkrishna AcharyaShe has been a jounalist with one very reputed newspaper in Mumbai until she took over as President of Rescue Foundation. She was naturally very experienced in the social field as she used to continuously assist her husband. Being a very courageous & sympathetic lady, she has suceeded in her assignment as President with flying colours. She has been awarded the award of 'women of peace' bv Women's Peace power Foundation, Florida, U.S.A. She has also received a prestigious award of 'Stree Shakti' from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the President of ruling United Progressive Allianc Party. Currently Rescue Foundation is managed with a staff of more than 50 people.

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