Our Story 

 Rescue Foundation, given the heinous nature of the crime it works against, was a result of the twin pillars of love and compassion that drove our founding members. Two events spun the wheels in motion, the first one was when our co-founder, Mrs. Triveni Acharya, who used to be an investigative journalist, was in Kamathipura (An area where children and adults are commercially sexually exploited) to cover the story of a prominent actor doing charity there. 

She noticed a young girl sitting on one of the cane beds outside a brothel, concerned, she approached her and asked her where her mother was (assuming she was in prostitution). 

The girl hesitantly revealed that she had been bought from Nepal and was being forced into prostitution.

Mrs. Acharya was ushered away by an older woman, upon returning home, she recounted the story to her husband, the late Mr. Balkrishna Acharya, and even though they were infuriated, thought it best to let it go, but neither did.

A few years later…

an employee of Mr. Balkrishna Acharya, confided in him, that he was in love with a girl who was also forced into prostitution in the same area, and he wanted his help to rescue her. He then spoke with his wife who didn’t hesitate, together they formed a plan to get the girl out. Mr. Acharya, was ex-military, a formidable man while Mrs. Acharya possessed the same virtue of fearlessness. They sought police assistance and together they entered brothel where the girl was being held, found the girl and were about to leave with her, when 15 other girls, who were being held there cried out for help to be set free. 

That was the first rescue operation which was formative in setting up Rescue Foundation for both our founders. In 2005, Mr. Acharya tragically passed away in a car accident, when he was returning from a rescue operation. 

Mrs. Acharya mourned his death for a period, then returned with renewed vigor to carry on the work they’d together begun, and under her leadership, Rescue Foundation has since rescued over 5000 girls from the clutches of Human Trafficking and reintegrated many more.



Rescue Foundations investigations team works all year round, across the country. 

We receive missing reports from NGO partners, police departments and family members and conduct operations accordingly.


Survivors are entered into Holistic Rehabilitation programs that begin with Psycho social counselling and Healthcare. During the course of their stay they are also trained in several vocation and skills, while formal and informal education is a priority.

Legal aid is provided so as to prosecute accused perpetrators.



Based on Court orders, and upon completion of rehabilitation period, survivors are repatriated to their homes via local NGO’s and Local Police. 

Cross border repatriation is made possible by maintaining relationships with foreign governments & embassies.


Our Founders

A former Investigative journalist, who took over the reigns of the organization in 2005 and has led the organization to where it is today. 

Mrs Triveni Acharya



An ex military man, who dedicated his life to helping people. He passed away in a car accident when returning from a rescue operation 

The Late 

Mr Balkrishna Acharya 

Co Founder

Our Honors 

Over the years we have received multiple awards for our efforts and we continue to be in the running for many more.


We need all the help we can get.

It doesn’t matter how much you donate, 

It just matters that you do. 


Our volunteer programs include a diverse range of activities, from field work to fundraising. 

Think you can contribute ? 

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