Rescue Foundation is involved in multifarious activities for rescuing, rehabilitating, reintegrating and repatriating the unfortunate, underprivileged girls and children from hell to human society.

Our activities are spread over a wide range as under starting from Investigation & Rescue to Repatriation & Weddings:

1.  Investigation & verification of girls and children for whom missing complaints are received.
2.  Rescue of girls & children from brothels, airport or private apartments.
3.  Care and Protection.
4.  Complete health care including HIV/AIDS, abortions, deliveries, hospitalization, operations etc.
5.  Vocational Training for sustainability,
6.  Legal Aid to prosecute traffickers and brothel keepers and ensure jail sentences to these anti-social elements.
7.  Psycho-social counseling at every stage to regenerate faith in mankind and to reintegrate them into our society.
8.  Healthy nutrition and safe custody to all.
9.  Repatriation

Details of Activities:

1. Investigation & verification

Detailed investigation about presence of minor girls in a brothel and verification of the girls for whom missing complaints are received either from the parents or from NGOs is very necessary before scheduling the rescue raid. This also involves careful in-brothel counseling.

2. Rescue

Our rescue team accompanied by police raid the brothel in late evening or night and rescue the major girls who are willing to be rescued along with all the minor girls present in the brothel. This is a very risky operation. Often the girls are forcibly hidden in hidden cells constructed in the walls or ceilings of brothels. Our team is experienced in locating such hidden cells.

3. Care and Protection

After rescue when the girls are admitted as per orders from honorable magistrate to our Protective Homes, we provide them with safe custody. Our all three Homes are guarded by armed security personnel and the living facilities at all our Homes care very comfortable. All the day-to-day needs of the survivors are adequately taken care of.

4. Health Care

The first step after admission of rescued girls in one of three Protective Homes we have, Our Doctor examines them and we take them to hospital for 'Age Verification'. Girls who are suffering with any illness is given consultation and medicines. Almost all girls suffer from 'sexually transmitted diseases'. Those who are suffering from HIV are given special consultation. We are constructing a 'Recovery Care Centre' at our Thane (Boisar) Complex to provide consultation by the Doctor expert in HIV and to provide them with intricate psycho-social counseling, rich food with fruits and milk so that they regenerate the will to live and do not contract any disease.

5. Vocational Training

We train the girls in various income generating skills like tailoring, embroidery, crafts, vocational training, drawing, yoga, karate etc. This is essential because these girls hail form poor families and need skills to sustain themselves in life.

6. Legal Aid

Punishing the anti-social elements by law, is a strong deterrent to the crime of Human Trafficking. We file suits in the court of law against the brothel keepers who have subjected these girls to mental and physical torture in the brothels for forcing them to prostitute. This also involves legal counseling, training the girls for court procedures by conducting mock trials and producing them as witnesses in the court.

7. Psycho-Social Counseling

As these girls have undergone severe brainwash and mental torture, they have lost all faith on mankind. Intricate psycho-social counseling is necessary at every stage to rehabilitate them.

8. Nutrition

Daily rich nutrition consisting of breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner are provided to every survivor. Milk and fruits are provided to the ill and HIV patients.

9. Repatriation

Girls are repatriated either to their homes or to NGOs always accompanied by our staff members as escorts. Mainly after the legal procedures are over we contact either their families or the respective NGO (non-government organization) situated in the vicinity of their homes and repatriate the girls accompanied by our two staff members to either their homes or to source NGO. While repatriating we provide them with the day-to-day necessities of life so that they are not inconvenienced during the journey and immediately on reaching the destination. Girls that cannot be repatriated due to one reason or other are either absorbed by us or by source NGO or we find suitable jobs for them in Mumbai.

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