Apart from our regular activities, we are also developing new projects as under at our land of 65 acres at Boisar, District Thane, 85 kilometers from Mumbai to give ample facilities to these underprivileged, innocent girls and children who in life are victims of human trafficking subjected to severe physical and mental torture for forced prostitution.

  1. Biogas generation from buffalo dung & food waste to run gas operated generator for producing free electricity and to operate cooking range for cooking about 250 meals every day.

  2. Vermicompost (high quality manure) produced from slurry (a by- product) of Biogas plant, for agriculture & income generation by selling the surplus.

  3. Milk production by rearing cattle. The milk produced by them can be used to provide rich nutrition to about 200 girls and many children residing in our Protective Homes

  4. Agricultural activities in about 50 acres including herbs cultivation, Horticulture, floriculture, green house etc. so that we can sustain the Humanitarian activities in difficult times in future and fulfill an important activity of training the girls as farm labour. This is very essential as they hail from villages and interiors where farming & Animal husbandry are the main occupation.

  5. Established of Recovery Care Centre for HIV/AIDS patients. 15% of the girls rescued by us are HIV positive.

  6. Solar System under planning for substituting power needs for lights, fans, & pumps etc

  7. FORMAL EDUCATION :We have started providing Formal Education to most of the girls at Thane Home from standard I to standard X.

Thus Rescue Foundation besides having achieved a prominent position in anti-human-trafficking is now posed to become an ideal NGO which is very active, transparent and honest in fulfilling its task of re-integrating this neglected and needy sector of our society.

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