Why Shelter Homes Are Necessary

Shelter homes across the country have been in the limelight after the horrible crimes committed by a Shelter home in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.
We agree with the majority of criticism put forward by the government and activists and acknowledge that there are issues, which is why we would like to encourage the government to establish a more stringent monitoring system.
Rescue Foundation has been sheltering victims of human trafficking for over 20 years now.

1) Creates a feeling of Protection
The girls we rescue from human trafficking and forced prostitution are accustomed to unhealthy and unsafe environments, where they expect threats to come at them from every direction. A shelter home immediately creates the setting of a safe and clean environment, with security and cameras, caretakers, superintendents, probation officers, nurses, security guards, watchdogs etc.
Shelter homes ensure a protective environment from the onset which helps heavily traumatised girls to feel more at ease with their surroundings and thus, creates the comfort level needed for the girls to be rehabilitated

2) Protection from Perpetrators
Girls who are rescued from brothels/dance bars/massage parlours etc are very vulnerable, and the traffickers/pimps or other employees try to contact and influence the girls to go back or they try and threaten them to not name them in the FIR’s. The constant monitoring and security at shelter homes ensures that perpetrators are unable to influence the rescued girls.

3) Protection from Society
Social stigma causes society to look down at these girls regardless of the fact that they are victims, even their own families tend to disown them. After being rescued from physical and sexual abuse, the last thing they need is being treated insensitively. Shelter home staff are trained to be empathetic, to treat the girls in a way that makes them feel comfortable and welcome throughout their stay

4) Support Group
All the girls that reside in our homes are survivors of trafficking and as such, they’re able to relate with one another. They do everything together, eat, cook, clean, education, vocational training, recreational activities and other activities result in the girls forming support systems amongst themselves.

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